Operation And Accessories On Vacuum Filtration

Operation of vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration designed by Hawach does not need to use traditional buffer bottles and other accessories, thus customers can operate more simple and easy to use. All the firmware and spare parts required for each filter are concentrated in one body, and the space occupied is greatly reduced. Magnet at the bottom of the filter bottle can be firmly adsorbed on the machine to avoid toppling and shaking.

All stainless steel shell is strong and durable, easy to wipe and clean. Besides, the filter gasket adopts stainless steel making process, and the gasket watch is smooth to ensure the high smoothness of the filter film at the end of filtration, which is beneficial to the subsequent drying and weighing operation.

Accessories of vacuum filtration

Other accessories such as diaphragm vacuum pumps and glass solvent filters are also available in Hawach. The pump body is made of all-PTFE hard materials and has a strong resistance to acid and alkali chemical corrosion.

The user does not have to worry about the corrosion and damage of internal parts for a long time. With vacuum gauge and control valve, vacuum and filter speed can be adjusted according to the actual needs.