One Kind Of Vacuum Filtration From HAWACH–Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is a device that uses a mechanical, physical, chemical, or physicochemical method to evacuate a pumped container to obtain a vacuum. Generally, it uses diverse methods to create and maintain a vacuum in an enclosed space. According to the working principle, the vacuum pump can basically be divided into two types, namely, an air trap pump and an air transfer pump, which is widely used in many industries, like the chemical, food, electronic coating, and metallurgy.

SLVPGM033A-T-Anti-Corrosion Diaphragm-Vaccum-Pumps

Features of HAWACH vacuum pump
At HAWACH, there are two series of vacuum pumps and the 033A vacuum pumps and 050B vacuum pumps are the best sellers, with the pumping speed 20 and 30 respectively. The following features make HAWACH vacuum pump popular in the market.

1. Cutting-edge design and technology bringing higher work efficiency and longer service life.
2. No pollution, requiring no working medium.
3. Motor quality guaranteed, supplied by ODM, a professionally exported motor manufacturer.
4. Equipped with a thermal power-off protector.
5. Frictionless membrane movement, no heat generation, and no friction loss.
6. Automatic cooling exhaust system adopted to ensure continuous operation for 24 hours.