Oilless Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

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Diaphragm vacuum pump product features :
Code : SLVPGM050A
– Speed of Evacuation:30 L/Min
– Ultimate pressure: ≧0.08Mpa
– Vacuum:200mbar
– Motor Power (W): 160W
1. No need of any working medium (no oil), no pollution. At the same time, the filter material is built into the gas exchange chamber of the machine, so as to ensure the purity of the air.
2. New technologies and materials are used in the production process. It moves easily and works smoothly, thus ensuring ideal vacuum degree and high air flow rate.
3. Temperature of 130 ℃ after automatic power can protect the motor from being damaged.
4. The diaphragm is imported rubber, corrosion resistance, long service life.
5.small size, light weight, easy to move, save laboratory space, convenient maintenance and repair.
Product application
1. vacuum suction filter
2. vacuum distillation
3. vacuum adsorption
4. solvent filtration
5. solid phase extraction
6. degassing
7. used for compression and air conversion gas