Multi-Branch Vacuum Filtration Manifold

Introduction of Hawach scientific filtration manifold

Multifilter is designed and manufactured for the simultaneous filtration of multiple samples. At present, when the laboratory carries on the filtration to the solution, generally USES the glass material sand core filtration device, this kind of method can only filter one sample at a time, the filtration speed is slow, the efficiency is low, the artificial labor intensity is big.

For operators who need to filter multiple samples at the same time, it is more convenient to choose to use a multi-filter. Because each filter rack has its own control valve, only one vacuum pump can be used to support single or multiple simultaneous operations. All stainless bracket of the multi-gang filter can filter operation under the high temperature of 121 ℃. The aluminum alloy clamp design is reasonable and compact, which can easily combine the filter cup with the intermediate filter head and ensure the strict sealing without leakage.

Product Code: SLSSF03001

6-Branch Stainless Steel Vacuum Filtration
– Six of 300ml Stainless Steel(SS316L) funnel
– The 1000ml glass collection bottle
– Anodized aluminum spring clamp
– Support frit and base
– Two pieces of hosepipes. The whole set can be autoclaved at 121° C