Maintenance Of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

In order to ensure excellent performance and longer service life, there are certain inspection and maintenance for the diaphragm vacuum pump that needs to be well observed and performed periodically.

Maintenance Precautions
Before the start of any operation, it is necessary for the workers to examine the wiring connections considering personal safety. Under normal circumstances, the pressure knob should remain in a tightened state when the vacuum pump is running.

Decompression operation should be only conducted on certain occasions. If the voltage is unstable, remember to reduce the pressure continuously while observing the pressure change. Never clean the diaphragm vacuum pump with organic compounds, acids, corrosive and flammable solvents. Do not lubricate any part of the pump, otherwise, it will shorten its service life.

Daily Inspection
First of all, the diaphragm vacuum pump must be placed in a dry, clean and well-ventilated area all the time. Also, it is better to coil the wire around the pump when it is not used. In case that a low airflow rate, overheating situation or excessive noise would show up because of the dirty filter material, it is quite essential to check the filter material regularly.