Introduction to Vacuum Filtration

Basic Knowledge of Vacuum Filtration

Based on the principle that under the same pressure (vacuum degree), the vaporization temperature of the water is lower than that of oil, scientists make practical equipment which is called vacuum filter.

In fact, vacuum filtration is the most widely used and mature filtering method both in theory and practice. Like other cake filtration methods, porous filter media is also used to support the filter cake in vacuum filtration technology. However, the difference is that less driving force is used in vacuum filtration so that the technology is applicable for some special cases.

Anti-Corrosion Vacuum Filtration in Laboratory

Talking about laboratory vacuum filtration, anti-corrosion vacuum filtration equipment is a kind of special and professional filtering product. Other than solvent filtration such as suspended solids, microorganism, culture medium, buffer solution, and cleaning solution, vacuum filtration is always used for filtering of the mobile phase, organic solvent, and electrolyte. These samples are strongly corrosive and some can produce volatile gas.

If you use common or inapplicable filtration equipment, it will lead to cracking and deformation of the container, and, more seriously, it will corrode the inner valve plate and further damage the entire equipment. That is why anti-corrosion vacuum filtration equipment is different from common solvent filtration equipment in material and design.