Introduction Of Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump use precautions

The function of the vacuum pump is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber and reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber to achieve the required vacuum. In general, there is a large range from atmospheric to very high vacuum, and so far no vacuum system has covered this range.

For optimal configuration, the following points should be considered when selecting a vacuum system:

1. Determine the working vacuum range

It is first necessary to check the vacuum required to determine each process. Because each process has its own range of vacuum levels, it must be carefully studied.

2. Determine the ultimate vacuum

The ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump system is checked on the basis of determining the degree of vacuum required by the process since the ultimate vacuum of the system determines the optimum working vacuum of the system. In general, the system’s ultimate vacuum is 20% lower than the system’s operating vacuum and 50% lower than the feline’s ultimate vacuum.

3. Type of pumped gas and pumping capacity

Check the type of pumping and the amount of pumping required to determine the process. At the same time, consideration must be given to determining the appropriate exhaust time and the amount of gas produced during the pumping process.