Information Of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm vacuum pump, one of the necessary equipment in the laboratory, is a highly matched product for its precision chromatography instruments. It is widely used for the medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, food inspection and even public security criminal investigation technology.


There are mainly two kinds of diaphragm vacuum pump – the standard one and anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pump. Both of them are high in working efficiency with very long service life. In particular, the anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pump could meet the requirements of various working environments.


One of the most significant features of the diaphragm vacuum pump is that it needs no working medium, which ensures the purity of the air without any pollution created. Moreover, it could work continuously for 24 hours with its self-cooling exhaust system, whose lifespan is more than thousands of hours.

The selection of high-class bearings guarantees ultra stable operation and very low noise. As for the anti-corrosion vacuum pump, its membrane is capable of resisting the corrosive samples. The Teflon surface treatment on the contact part with gas makes it fully chemically resistant. There is no heat produced or friction loss, due to its frictionless movement. The ideal vacuum and high air flow rate could be maintained all the time.