How To Relieve The Situation Of The Vacuum Filtration Devices

The experimenters often need to filter some sample solutions with more particulate matter or viscous sample solutions in the laboratory vacuum filtration experiment. However, when they do experiments with these kinds of sample solutions, it is often unable to filter frequently. The situation is usually caused by the solid particles in the solutions completely blocking the pores on the surface of filter membranes. And here we will recommend the following methods to deal with the situation.

The first method is to dilute the sample solutions. The solid particles in the solutions are always blocking the microporous membrane or the pores on the filter papers when detecting and filtering the suspended solids, which will lead the vacuum filtration goes badly. Considering the situation, we can dilute the sample solutions and then filter them.

The second method is to increase the filter area. The vacuum filtration device is often capable to place the membrane with a diameter of 50 mm in the current market. When the vacuum filtration is not going well, we can exchange the membrane with a larger diameter. As a consequence, the solid particles in the sample solutions can be easier to get through.

The third method is to improve the vacuum degree. Exchange a vacuum filtration device with a higher vacuum degree may relieve the situation of immovable filtration to a certain extent.