Hawach Vacuum Filtration Introduction

Hawach vacuum filtration is made of transparent polymer material polystyrene (GPPS), which uses a vacuum pump to provide pressure difference for large-scale filtration of tissue culture fluid and other laboratory fluid solutions. The sample throughput can reach several liters, and the filtered sample It can be stored directly in a sterile collection bottle.

The vacuum filtration uses a vacuum pump to provide a pressure differential for bulk filtration of tissue culture fluids and other laboratory fluid solutions. Samples can be processed up to several liters and the filtered samples can be stored directly in sterile collection bottles. Hawach offers a wide range of vacuum filtration units in three main forms: full filtration/storage unit, top filter and receiving a bottle.

The vacuum filtration is a disposable filter consumable that replaces the solvent filter. It is aseptically packaged separately, and the filter membrane of the corresponding specification is welded inside. When it is used up, the trouble of cleaning and disinfection is saved, and a lot of labor is saved. The filter is made of PS material and is used with a diaphragm vacuum pump. It can be used to filter large-volume samples. The filtered sample can be directly stored in the collection box and screwed onto the lid.