Hawach Glass Solvent Filter

Hawach Scientific co., LTD. is specializing in the production of glass solvent filter, using special hard quality glass, product quality stability, exported to all parts of the world.

This device is suitable for vacuum filtration of an aqueous solution, organic solution or corrosive liquid, and particle pollution analysis. It is often used for rapid filtration of HPLC solvent and buffer solution to remove impurities that affect the service life of chromatographic column and detection accuracy of the system, so as to protect the HPLC liquid path from being blocked, and at the same time, it has certain de qigong energy, which can eliminate the interference of bubbles to the detection system.

Hawach solvent filter

The funnel, base, and sample receiving a bottle of vacuum filter are made of super-hard glass material with uniform wall thickness and good pressure resistance, which can be used for sterilization under high temperature and high pressure. When filtering, place the disc filter membrane with a diameter of 47mm between the base and the glass funnel and fix it with the anodized aluminum spring clip.

When filtering organic solvents, please refer to “Lubitsch filter membrane chemical compatibility table” to select the appropriate filter membrane material. The base with vacuum joint and the receiving bottle are connected with the inside and outside of the frosted glass.

Only the filter membrane and borosilicate glass components are in contact with the flow, and the surface is sealed with frosted glass. The integrated base and bottle cap are connected with the vacuum above the filtrate outlet, which can avoid the filtrate from being sucked into the vacuum tube, reduce pollution and strengthen the deaeration effect.

1. High quality extra hard glass
2. Sparking and crystal-clear, even thickness
3. Funnel: 300ml & 500ml
4. Flask: 100ml & 2000ml
5. 47mm or 50mm diameter membrane
6. Good coordination with the vacuum pump
7. The whole equipment can be used for high temperature and high pressure sterilization.


No. Funnel Size Funnel Support Screen Screen Pore Size Connection Flask
SLGSF03001 300ml Glass Pyrex glass 10μm Ground Joint 1000ml
SLGSF03001 500ml Glass Pyrex glass 10μm Ground Joint 2000ml