Glass Solvent Filter Features

The vacuum filters are mainly applied for filtration of mobile phase of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, particulate and microbiological contamination. They are the basic instruments in the chemistry lab.

Particularly, the glass solvent filter can make filtration of all kinds of the aqueous solution, organics and corrosive liquid. Also, the glass solvent filter can be sterilized under thermocompression with the temperature above 100℃.

It should be noticed that the glass solvent filter is fragile so that we cannot make an overall move, especially with a clamp. When referring to the filtering membrane, we can immerse the membrane in the solvent which is ready for filtration, and then we can see if the membrane is dissolved or not in order to check the quality.

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Furthermore, we should separate the hydrophilic filtering membrane from the organic ones. Although there are no heads and tails of the membrane, we had better take the smooth side upward and the rough side downward to obtain better filtering effect.

Specifically, when we use the oil-less vacuum pump which supports the glass solvent filter to pump the air, it should not pull out the flexible pipe exactly when the filter is empty. We should turn off the pump when there remains a little bit of liquid.