General And Special Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

General vacuum filtration apparatus

For the vacuum filtration, using a vacuum in a sidearm adapter in the filter flask, the solution is filtered through the filter paper, which is generally the most efficient and fast way of filtering. The collection of crystals is done through the swirling of the mixture of liquid and solid and then pouring it into the filtration apparatus quickly. To achieve vacuum filtration, you need to prepare Buchner funnel and a vacuum, applied in the sidearm.

Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
3-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Hawach 300ml Glass Solvent Filters

Special vacuum filtration apparatus

To filter a smaller quantity, it will use the Hirsch funnel and small filter paper. A test tube that has a sidearm can replace the filter flask and should be clamped. To filter the crystals, the apparatus should be assembled by making sure that the funnel is sealed.

Turn on the aspirator and moisten the filter paper with a cold solvent to make it adhere to the funnel. This prevents the crystals from seeping out under the paper. The liquid is filtered, and the crystals can be rinsed with a cold solvent. The crystals can be dried by leaving them in the apparatus for a few moments.