Features And Application Of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Hawach scientific diaphragm vacuum pump advanced design, high efficiency, long service life. Widely used in medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, fine chemical industry, biochemical pharmacy, food inspection, and other fields, can be used with filter device or multi-filter, simple operation, safe and reliable, meet the needs of the laboratory.

Diaphragm vacuum pump product features :

Code: SLVPGM200 Diaphragm vacuum pump
– Speed of Evacuation:120 L/Min
– Ultimate pressure: ≧0.08Mpa
– Vacuum:200mbar

Pump Head: 2
– Motor Power (W): 300W

1. This product does not need any medium (no oil), does not produce pollution, and guarantees the air to be clean.
2. New technologies and processes are adopted in the production process. Make it work smoothly, thus ensuring the ideal pressure and vacuum degree.
3. The mechanical operation system adopts international famous brand imported bearing, making the whole machine run smoothly with a small vibration.
4. The power system is designed for high-grade motor, and the fan cooling and exhaust configuration with high rotation speed enables the machine to work continuously for 24 hours. Meanwhile, the motor is equipped with an overheating and overload protection system to ensure the safe and high-energy working efficiency.
5. Air design and advanced structural innovation have obtained two national patents.

SLVPGM200 diaphragm vacuum pump

Product application

1. Vacuum suction filter
2. Vacuum distillation
3. Vacuum adsorption
4. Solvent filtration
5. Solid phase extraction
6. Degassing
7. Used for compression and air conversion gas