Equipment For Vacuum Filtration

Recommendation Reasons

With years of industry experience and technical expertise, Hawach is totally committed to solve all kinds of complex filtration, fluid recovery, and vacuum pump challenges.

Hawach is available in different types of glass vacuum filtration such as one-branches, three-branches, and six-branches vacuum filtrations. Compared with one-branch types, three-branch and six-branch vacuum filtrations can be used to filter multiple samples at the same time without causing contamination and reducing performance. Meanwhile, stainless still vacuum filtration also has one-branch, three-branch, and six-branch vacuum filtrations. All of them provide with quick filtration, acid and alkali resistance, and can work for a long period without maintenance.

Tips for Selection and Operation

Vacuum filtration produced by Hawach Scientific will be your wise choice with the competitive price, good quality, and best service. Glass vacuum filtration is made of high-quality glass materials which can be used for autoclaving under 180℃ to 280℃ high temperature, so it fits for chemical analysis, sanitation inspection, and other testing areas. Stainless vacuum filtration is all manufactured from 316L stainless steel, and designed with an automatic cooling exhaust system, which can ensure continuous operation without breakdown.

Six Branches Stainless Steel Vacuum Filtrations
Stainless Steel 6-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Glass Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations