Characteristics And Advantages of Vacuum Filtration

Characteristics of vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration provided by Hawach Scientific is used primarily in microbiological and laboratory procedures involving the collection of particulate from a liquid suspension.

Compared with traditional vacuum filtration, it has some obvious improvement in characteristics as follows, it can be sterilized at high temperatures and resistant to high corrosion and temperature, it is easy to move and work smoothly to guarantee an ideal vacuum degree and higher air velocity, and it can treat multiple samples at the same time to improve the efficiency. Additionally, it is characterized by quick filtration, long service life, reasonable structure, and easy operation.

Advantages of vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration supplied by Hawach is specially designed for filtration, vacuum meter can observe the working state of the instrument, pressure regulating valve can adjust vacuum degree and filtration speed according to the need, and water blocking filter can prevent filtrate reverse suction pump.

Due to the use of the high-power motor, combined with the structure of series suction assembly and special stainless steel filter gasket, the vacuum degree of this filter device is high, higher vacuum degree and strong suction can drive the filtrate to pass through the filter membrane quickly. Meanwhile, because the filter membrane is placed on the surface of the special filter membrane gasket, it is not necessary to worry about the damage of the filter membrane, so it is safe and efficient.