Cautions In Daily Use Of Vacuum Filtration In Laboratory

Laboratory vacuum filter a kind of instrument commonly used in laboratory, which can be used to separate particles from liquid samples. The following points should be paid attention to in the daily use of vacuum filtration:

1. Using suitable vacuum pump with vacuum filter bottle. If the pressure in the bottle is too high, the vacuum pump may damage the filter membrane or filter bottle during the filtration process. If the pressure in the bottle is too low, the filtration effect cannot be achieved.

2. Every time the sample is filtered, attention should be paid to the liquid level in the collection bottle, and the remaining liquid should be poured out in time before the collection bottle is full. Once the collecting bottle is full, it will continue to work, which will lead to the liquid being sucked into the vacuum pump, which is very easy to cause damage to the vacuum pump.

3. After using the filter bottle every time , should  clean it in time to avoid the growth of bacteria. If it is necessary, high temperature and high-pressure sterilization should be carried out in time.