An Application Example of Vacuum Flask

It is greatly necessary to mention the Salmonella In Food for Import And Export-Membrane Filter Screening Method where the vacuum flask is introduced. For customers to learn about the device better, related information is as follows.

About the salmonella

Salmonella can be divided into six subgenera and more than 2200 serotypes. The salmonella in group D is the most important Salmonella in clinic trails.

Shape and Color Gram-negative bacillus with slender body and periflagellum
Culture Characteristics Colourless and transparent bacterial colonies are formed by culturation at 35°C for 18 to 24 hours on the McConkay plate. And then the SS plate showed colorless and transparent bacterial colonies, but most of them were black in the center (to produce hydrogen sulfide)

Specific experiment operation of apply

Notably, during the filtration and cultivation, the sterilized filter device is connected to a vacuum filter bottle with the sterile filter membrane placed on the base in aseptic operation, fixed with a stainless steel clamp. Then add 10-20 mL sterile distilled water to the filter, take 1 mL selective bacteriostatic liquid into the filter and open the vacuum pump to suck the liquid.

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